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Welcome to the offical Portal of All India Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (AIKMCC). To serve its Denity and also to keep the Divinity


ALL INDIA KERALA MUSLIM CULTURAL CENTRE (AIKMCC) AIKMCC ( All India Kerala Muslim Cultural Center) is an organisation formed by the Keralites who are doing service outside Kerala in rest of India by following the ideologies of former Indian constitutional assembly member and founder of India Union Muslim League late Quaid e Millath Muhammed Ismail saheb KMCC is the largest expatriate organization in the world. It works in the interests of expats from all over India, not just Kerala, and is known for its humanitarian and philanthropic activities. The organisation has paved a path of valuable contributions in the fields of social, cultural and compassionate service

Our Mission

The All India KMCC as being the tributary branch of Indian Union Muslim League has set an ambitious vision of empowering the minority Muslim community in India to achieve political and cultural glory by being obliged to social responsibility and focusing on the following goals.

Our Vision

KMCC is the synonym for service, humanity, medical service, mercy, love, and commitment. Wiping the tears of fellow beings, understanding their pain, supporting them in needs, protecting them in difficulties, giving peace to the hearts at agony, building a cherishing Nation.

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