Application Tracking
1) To start the institution "Institution of Qalde - E-millath Ideology" for spreading among the Indian Muslim community the ever valuable practical political ideologies of the charismatic leaders like Qaede Miilath, KM Seethi Saheb, and Bafaqi Thangal which helped to set up the political foundation of Indian Union Muslim League.
2) To run awareness campaigns among the people about the importance of minority politics.
3) To conduct debates, speeches, and seminars throughout different parts of India to promote this case.
4) To unite the marginalized and Dalit backward groups as one with minorities.
5) To conduct awareness in every village about the importance of education.
6) To run surveys in villages for finding the needs of minorities and bring them to the attention of governments thereby solving the issues. Also taking responsibility for doing things with the help of good people.
7) To elevate the living standards of minorities and other backward communities.
8) To work with unorganized workforces in agricultural, industrial, and executive sectors for helping them in attaining the possible achievements
9) To unite the volunteering organizations working for the empowerment and welfare of the religious and linguistical minorities and other backward classes.
10) To empower the mahals as the religious, cultural and social foundation of Muslims and to distribute all the non-goverment grants through the mahallu system.
About KMCC
AIKMCC ( All India Kerala Muslim Cultural Center) is an organisation formed by the Keralites who are doing service outside Kerala in rest of India by following the ideologies of former Indian constitutional assembly member late Qaede Millath Muhammed Ismail saheb.

KMCC is the largest expatriate organisation in the world. It works in the interests of expats from all over India,
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